Air Pictorial 1957-08
Air Pictorial's photo-review
Variations on a theme. First photograph of a Russian-built Il'yushin IL-14 (654) of Minhaiduy (Air Fleet of the People's Democratic China), which operates services to Moscow, Irkutsk, Rangoon, Hanoi and internal routes from Peking. Note the cabin heating "rail" above the windows.
The first prototype (OK-LCA) of the Czech Avia-built IL-14 seen for the first time at the Paris Aero Show at Le Bourget in June 1957.
Seen at the Paris Aero Show, the Tupolev TU-104 twin-jet transport. Note stylised "TU"
A beautifully finished ex-U.S.A.F. Douglas A-26B Invader is used for business executive transportation in the United States. Registration N66661.
With the passing of the PR Mk .19 Spitfires of the THUM (Thermal and Humidity) Flight at Woodvale, near Southport, Lancashire, last June, the D.H.98 Mosquito was given a new lease of Service life. Illustrated is RS719 - formerly a TT (B) Mk. 35.
WORLD'S FASTEST CROP SPRAYER ? This (Grumman G-36) FM-2 Wildcat, ex-U .S. Navy carrier-based single-seat interceptor, is painted black overall with orange civil registration letters. The new tip tanks carry the original 160 U.S. gallons of fuel while the original wing-displaced tanks take the spray mixture.
Seen at the Paris Aero Show, one of the F-100C Super Sabres of the "Skyblazers".
REPLACEMENT OTTER. Following the sale of the original British civil-registered de Havilland (Canada) DHC-3 Otter G-ANCM to the Indian Air Force, a second demonstration Otter (G-AOYX) has become resident at Hatfield .
JAMBON D'YORK. Wearing an immaculate l'Aeronavale uniform this Avro York (MW234) is one of two now based at Le Bourget as a general purpose ferry transport.
One of the few remaining de Havilland D.H.94B Moth Minor Coupes is G-AFNI (c/ n. 94018) built in 1939. There are several 2-seat D.H.94A Moth Minors still flying, the difference being that the canopy is absent and the rear fuselage is shallower. Power: 90-h.p. D.H. Gipsy Minor inline. Maximum speed: 118 m.p.h.
Operated by the Swallow Group of the Popular Flying Association is the recently repainted tandem-seat B.A. Swallow II (G-AEMW) fitted with a special canopy.
An oddity is this "one-off" home conversion of a standard ex-U.S.A.A.F. Ryan PT-22 (N56209) tandem-seat primary trainer which has the standard radial 160-h.p. Kinner R-450-1 replaced by a 190-h.p. Lycoming O-435-1.
EXERCISE GRAPPLE. During the recent atomic tests at Christmas Island Avro Shackletons were deployed to sweep the approaches. Illustrated is one of No. 240 Squadron 's MR.Mk.1s. Note fin insigne, a red cormorant clawing grapple.
PEGASUS RISING. A fine portrait by Major Gene Sommerich of a Pennsylvania Air National Guard North American Mitchell converted for radar observer training. Note the Pegasus insigne on the nose. O-430643 is a TB-25K-25-NA Mitchell, powered by two 1,700-h.p. Wright R-2600-29 radials giving a maximum speed of 292 m.p.h.
A brand-new N.A.T.O. interceptor is the Italian Aerfer Sagittario II (M.M.560).
A four-seat French cabin monoplane now in production is the Boisavia Mercurey, offered for sale with a variety of engines. F-BHVH illustrated is a B.601-L (Nr. 22) powered by a 190-h.p. Lycoming O-435-1.
The first Napier Eland (N.El.6)-powered Convair Model 340-D2 (G-ANVP), resident at Napier Flight Development Establishment, Luton Airport, has recently been flying with rear fuselage wool tufting to investigate airflow disturbance at the higher speeds made available by the turboprop installation.
A late series production French Army liaison/AOP Nord N.C.856A Norvigie (AOK). one of 112 now being delivered to l'Armee de Terre. Two seats; power, 135-h.p. SNECMA-Regnier 4LO-4 inline; maximum speed 118 m.p.h.
The third prototype, all-metal , 3-seat Sud-Est S.E.2310 of 1946 vintage is still flying but now has a la mode wing fences plus dorsal D/F loop bulge. Power: 170-h.p. SNECMA-Regnier 4LO-2 inline. Maximum speed 140 m.p.h.
Seen at the Paris Aero Show, one of the aerobatic Dassault Mystere IVAs with new radio antennae