Aeroplane Monthly 1982-01
Leo Opdycke, editor of World War One Aeroplanes, is completing a Bristol Scout replica at Poughkeepsie, New York. It was built from original drawings supplied by British Aerospace at Filton, and the first flight is imminent.
Leisure Sport’s Sea Hawk WV798 has been purchased by Bob Coles and is currently on loan to the Second World War Aircraft Preservation Society at Lasham.
Sir Arthur "Bomber" Harris standing by the forward gun turret of Halifax W1048 at RAF Hendon on November 27, 1981.
The Afghan Hind flying with the rear seat occupied.
Ron Paine, seated, and Bob Roberts, check out the position of the new seats in the D.H.88 Comet.
Sandringham N158C began life as Sunderland III JM715. It was converted into a Sandringham in 1947 and has served with Tasman Empire Airways as ZK-AMH, with Ansett Airways as VH-BRC and with Antilles Air Boats as VP-LVE.