Aeroplane Monthly 1982-02
On the lighter side
The twin engined Hummingbird from Micro Aviation Limited has full three axis control and the two Gemini/Partner K-1200 engines give 16 h.p. total and a cruise speed of 35 m.p.h. Each Hummingbird is test flown at the factory before delivery and the type can be currently seen at Halfpenny Green Airport, near Stourbridge, West Midlands.
Airborne from a small Sussex field last December.
The Huntair Pathfinder takes up very little space when dismantled for surface transport.
KB-2 Gyrocopter. From Stanton, California, comes news of a “new, highly refined” gyrocopter. Ken Brock’s new KB-2 Gyrocopter is now available as a complete kit with either a McCulloch or Volkswagen engine. It is claimed that the KB-2 kit can be assembled with hand tools in a 10ft x 10ft work area and that a person with “average skills” can assemble the pre-cut, pre-drilled components for the basic airframe in about 1 1/2hr. The entire craft can be assembled, ready to run, in a weekend, claims Brock. The complete KB-2 Gyro (unpowered) kit sells for $2,394. There are several engine options and anyone interested should contact Ken Manufacturing, 11852 Western Avenue, Stanton, California 90680, USA.