Aeroplane Monthly 1982-02
R.Riding - Deja vu
Photograph of The Scarlet Angel was taken on September 12, 1981, from John Greenland's Fairchild 24, HB-EFB over Booker.
Picture was taken in India in 1933. The photograph shows Ali being assisted by two RAF officers.
The Scarlet Angel with its original registration painted on for the occasion at Wycombe Air Park, May 26, 1981.
Deja vu - well, nearly. The picture at left was taken at Heston in 1933 and shows Alban Ali in front of an unknown Swift. The picture was used as the frontispiece of his book and the registration letters added later. Right, Ali stands in front of the real Scarlet Angel at Wycombe Air Park, May 26, 1981.