Aeroplane Monthly 1982-06
E.Bonar - The trail of the "Shamrocket"
THE IRISH ENTRY: Col. J. C. Fitzmaurice flying Irish Swoop, the "hush-hush" Bellanca (Pratt & Whitney "Twin Wasp Junior"). The undercarriage, of course, is retractile.
The Bellanca 28-70 during an early test flight in America. Colour scheme was white with green wings and tailplane. Note original Irish Swoop artwork and temporary engine cowling.
The author runs up the Bellanca 28-70.
The Swoop at Mildenhall on October 16, 1934. With original tankage of 400gal, the Swoop would not have made Mildenhall to Baghdad in one hop and so a further 200gal was carried which increased the gross weight to 8,350lb. As the aircraft had originally been certificated at a gross weight of 5,350lb, the race officials demanded that load tests at the new gross weight should be undertaken before the race. The Swoop was withdrawn because there was insufficient time for the tests.
Left, Col James Fitzmaurice (left) with the author on the eve of the MacRobertson race. Right, Guiseppe Bellanca (left) chats with the author at the Bellanca factory, August 1934.