Aeroplane Monthly 1982-02
Leisure Sport’s airworthy Sopwith Camel replica.
I wonder if the photograph is of the same “Indian” Rapide with the non-standard cockpit glazing shown at Oshkosh in the November 1981 issue? The close-up was taken at Cawnpore, India in 1947 and shows one Perspex panel less than on the opposite side in the Oshkosh picture; also seen is the name “Geoffrey De Havilland” in small script lettering on the nose fairing - this was only the year after Geoffrey de Havilland had been killed flying the D.H.108 Swallow.
I have been rebuilding my Tiger Moth over the last five years, during my lunch breaks, but only as a static model for display purposes. My Tiger Moth is also painted with the serial number K2572 and I assume this is authentic having found the batch order number on the fuselage to be: NERO/MCO/R/SO 1744 DTD 308 & 83A C and having checked through paperwork and found it to be from the original 1931-32 batch. North Ferriby, B. H. CLARKE North Humberside.