Aeroplane Monthly 1982-06
P.Sammons - The making of the war documentary "The Memphis Belle"
Memphis Belle pictured on her way back to America after completing 25 missions, June 9, 1943.
The B-17 Memphis Belle and its crew being honoured on June 9, 1943 immediately before the return flight from England to America.
HM King George VI and Queen Elizabeth congratulating crew members of the Memphis Belle at Bassingbourn on May 25, 1943.
The crew of the Memphis Belle pictured after completing 25 missions. Left to right: T/Sgt Harold P. Loch, S/Sgt Cecil H. Scott, T/Sgt Robert J. Hanson, Capt James A. Verinis, Capt Robert K. Morgan, Capt Charles B. Leighton, S/Sgt John P. Quinlan, S/Sgt Casimer A. Nastal, Capt Vincent B. Evans and S/Sgt Clarence E. Winchell.
S/Sgt Casimer A. Nastal, the Memphis Belle’s waist gunner at his station. Most of the graffiti appears to have originated from American hands.