Aeroplane Monthly 1982-08
S.Townson - Fairey's with boots on
The first Fairey IIIF seaplane at Khartoum in 1929. The four pictures show the IIIF J9153 being transported to Moghram Wharf; having its floats fitted; ready for launching by crane and being lowered into the Blue Nile from the quay.
Fairey IIIF J9153, with floats, and Mk.IV IIIF SI 173 of No 47 Sqn from Khartoum.
Fairey IIIF SR1199 moored on the left-hand bank of the Blue Nile.
J9153 settled on the water at Khartoum.
Fairey IIIF J9066 being lowered into the water at Ma’ala Wharf, Aden, in 1929.
Fairey IIIF S1373 of No 202 Sqn being started up at Calafrana, Malta.
Fairey IIIF Mk IIIB S1525 of 202 Sqn pictured at Kalafrana, Malta in the early Thirties. No 202 Squadron received its IIIFs in July 1930, retaining them until August 1935. The chap being carried ashore may be 202 Squadron's CO, Sqn Ldr Archie Wann