Aeroplane Monthly 1982-09
??? - Vintage Farnboroughs
The first D.H. Comet 4, G-APDA, took time off from crew-conversion training to put in several appearances at the 1958 SBAC show.
1958 marked the third appearance of the black Hunter 6s Sqn, led by Latham. A No 111 Sqn later looped record that still stands.
Bill Pegg pulls the eight-engined Brabazon I G-AGPW into a gentle 160 m.p.h. turn at the 1950 Farnborough.
The beautiful 150-ton Saunders-Roe Princess flying boat makes a regal pass down the Farnborough runway in September 1953, with Geoffrey Tyson at the controls. G-ALUN had been specially finished in an attractive paint scheme, though her two sisterships had already been cocooned. G-ALUN was scrapped along with the other two boats in 1967.
Delta dexterity demonstrated by Jimmy Harrison, then Avro's chief test pilot, in the Avro Vulcan B.2 XH536 at the 1959 Farnborough show.
The Merlin-powered Cierva Air Horse VZ724 demonstrated at the 1949 Farnborough. The forward door had to be kept open to assist engine cooling.
One of the most memorable sights at any Farnborough was Geoffrey Tyson's low level inverted passes down Farnborough’s runway in September 1948, flying the Saro A1 jet fighter flying boat.
Walter Gibb landing the Avro Lincoln SX972 at the 1950 show. A 3,200 h.p. gas turbine Proteus was installed in each outer nacelle and much of the aircraft's display flying was made with these engines only.
The Fairey Rotodyne's last Farnborough appearance was at the 1961 Farnborough. The Rotodyne programme was cancelled five months later.
The 450 m.p.h., 90ft wing span, Derwent-powered A.W.52 flying wing TS368 in white colour scheme was demonstrated at the 1948 show in company with its Nene-powered sister aircraft.
The Handley H.P.115 low speed, research aircraft was with smoke canisters wing leading edge so that the orange smoke trails showed the air flow over the wing.
BOAC Capt Upton, takes a break from flying on the South African route to demonstrate the Short Solent 2 G-AHIU in 1949.
Six 803 Sqn Scimitar F.1 fighters at high speed at the 1958 SBAC show.
The Scottish Aviation Pioneer G-ANKG hangs on the power of its Leonides engine with all the slottery and flappery working overtime at the 1954 show.