Aeroplane Monthly 1982-10
P.Capon - Capon's Corner
The twelve-passenger Avro Type 563 Andover G-EBKW photographed at Hamble in 1926 before being transferred to the RAF as J7264. This 68ft span airliner was powered by one 650 h.p. Rolls-Royce Condor III engine.
Avro 504R Gosport G-EBNE seen at Hamble with a 180 h.p. Lynx engine installed.
The Avro Type 566 Avenger I G-EBND outside the Avro Hamble works. Note the Avro logo on the hangar, top right. This single-seat fighter was powered by a 525 h.p. direct drive Napier Lion VIII engine. It was later rebuilt as the Avro 567 Avenger II and ended its days as an instructional airframe with AST Ltd, also based at Hamble. The photograph was taken in May 1928.
The Avro Type 584 Avocet single-seat naval fighter at Hamble in June 1928. This all-metal aircraft was powered by a 180 h.p. Armstrong Siddeley Lynx IV.
The Cierva C.9 built by Avros at Hamble and given the Avro type number 605, was powered by a 70 h.p. Genet and is seen at Hamble in September 1927.
Avro Type 555A Bison fleet spotter S1112 was photographed outside the Hamble works in April 1928. The Bison was powered by the 480 h.p. Napier Lion II.
The enormous Avro Type 557 Ava night bomber and defence aircraft photographed at Hamble in April 1927, complete with 21in torpedo. N172 was the all-metal second prototype and was powered by two 650 h.p. Rolls-Royce Condor III engines. In the foreground is A.V.Roe's personally designed "light car", predating the Lambretta and similar species by many years.
The Avro Type 572 Buffalo II N239 uas a torpedo bomber powered by a 530 h.p. Napier Lion XIA engine. It is seen at Hamble in August 1929.
Inside the Avro Hamble works with the Avro Type 572 Buffalo N239 towering above the small fry.
The Avro Type 591 Avian I G-EBQN photographed outside the Avro Hamble works in April 1927. Powered by an 85 h.p. ADC Cirrus II engine, this Avian spent much of its life with the RAE Aero Club at Farnborough. During the war it was impressed as an instructional airframe for use at Eastchurch.
The Avro Type 605 Avian III G-EBVA afloat at Hamble in February 1928. Powered by an 85 h.p. ADC Cirrus, this aircraft spent most of its life as a landplane.
The Avro Type 604 Antelope J9183 seen taxiing out at Hamble in November 1928. This two-seat day bomber made its first flight the same month and is about to be flown here by J.L.N. Bennett-Baggs. The sole Type 604 was powered by a 480 h.p. Rolls-Royce F.XIB engine.
Avro Type 582 G-EBKQ with single interplane struts and 180h.p. Lynx IVC engine, at Hamble in March 1927.
The same aircraft with normal struttery and engined with a 150 h.p. Mongoose IIIA engine. As such G-EBKQ was known as an Avro 504O.
Avro 504N G-EBVY at Hamble in March 1928. Southampton Water can be seen in the background.