Aeroplane Monthly 1982-10
D.Middleton - A.E.Clouston /Test Pilot Profile/ (4)
Clouston seated in the Miles M.2U G-ADOD at the time of the London to Johannesburg air race in September 1936.
A. E. Clouston with the Miles M.2L Hawk Speed Six G-ADOD in which he competed in the 1936 England to Johannesburg race
"SQUADRON LINE ABREAST": Perfect formation flying by No. 25 (Fighter) Squadron.
Hawker Furies of No 25 Fighter Squadron up from Hawkinge in November 1932.
Another view of the Fairey P.4/34 K5099 in which Clouston deliberately flew into barrage balloon cables. Previous experiments had been carried out in a Miles
The single seat, experimental vertical lift Hafner A.R.III Gyroplane was built at Denham in 1936 and tested at Farnborough by Clouston, seen here at the controls of the Pobjoy-powered autogyro. The aircraft was scrapped during World War Two.
The Hafner A.R.III gyroplane, which is controlled by varying the incidence of the blades. It has a Pobjoy engine of 90 h.p
The Hafner A.R.III Gyroplane being demonstrated by Clouston during 1937.
Clouston arriving at Croydon in the D.H. Comet G-ACSS on September 26, 1938 after his record flight to New Zealand and back.
D.H. Comet G-ACSS in Cyprus in February 1938 after a collapsed undercarriage curtailed an attempted record flight to Australia.
The Perman Parasol being flown by Clouston from Gravesend in May 1936, shortly after its first flight. E. G. Perman and Company Ltd hoped to market the aircraft for £175.