Aeroplane Monthly 1982-12
D.Middleton - Maj James Cordes /Test Pilot Profile/ (5)
The three photographs show Maj Cordes preparing for a test flight in a Hampden at Radlett in 1938. Hampdens were constructed at Cricklewood and assembled and test flown at Radlett.
Cordes flying Hampden L4135 along the railway line at Radlett in April 1939. (First person to write in and tell us what type of locomotive is travelling in the opposite direction will receive a print of the photograph.)
The prototype H. P.42, G-AAGX, was jointly tested by Maj Cordes and Tom Harry England in November 1930 from Radlett, Hertfordshire. Named Hannibal this HP.42 flew with Imperial Airways until it was lost at sea over the Gulf of Oman on March 1, 1940.