Air Pictorial 1958-08
Spotter's Notebook
Airpass being fitted into the nose of Dakota TS423
The original Sikorsky S-58 (HSS-1, 265th model from the Sikorsky production line), imported into this country in June 1956.
T-33 with Radop.
The Wright Cyclone R.1820/84 piston engine was removed in December 1956, and the Napier Gazelle N.G.a II gas turbine installed on 21st March 1957. With this engine and modified air intake, the Wessex (serialled Royal Navy XL722), as it was now named, made its first flight on 17th March 1956 (top photo). The air intake was again modified (middle photo) and in this form was first flown on 9th July. Nose number three (bottom photo) was first flown on 19th August.
Meanwhile the Gazelle engine had been given another rating and, as the N.G.a 13, was installed in the Wessex on 30th August. Five months later, on 21st January 1958, yet another nose arrangement was air tested for the first time.
Photograph shows the production prototype (serial XL727, first flight 20th June 1958) with the latest modification. Our spies tell us that this is not the last word as Westlands are trying out a new scheme.
Skyray with Delmar High-Speed Target
Airpass installed in the nose of an English Electric Canberra.