Air Pictorial 1959-09
Spotter's Notebook
The most famous of Superfortresses, the "Enola Gay" seen resting on wooden blocks at the end of an unused runway at Andrews Air Force Base.
Probably the only transonic civil aircraft in existence, the North American F-86F-25-NH Sabre N-4104A(X).
Rarely seen in camouflage, this Republic F-84F Thunderstreak is one of the aircraft of the Belgian Air Force's 2nd Fighter-Bomber Wing based at Florennes, and photographed recently by Guy Denidder.
The first production Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer (G-AOEN) now completed as a Series III.
The Philippine Air Force has recently taken delivery of this Fokker F.27 Friendship, which is to be used as a V.I.P. transport. The F.27, which bore the civil registration PH-FAM for ferrying to the Philippines, in addition to the Philippine Air Force insignia, sports the U.S.A.F.-style serial number 59-0259, and carries pylon-mounted long-range tanks.
This CF-100 Mk. 5, also photographed by Guy Denidder, is one of fifty-three aircraft of this type acquired by the Belgian Air Force from December 1957 onwards, and belongs to the 1st All-Weather Interceptor Wing based at Beauvechain.
The Nakajima Type 4 Fighter Model 1A (Ki.84-Ia) Hayate (Gale) fighter recently restored by the Air Museum at Claremont, California.