Air Pictorial 1961-10
Photo Review
Well-known type in unusual markings is an IL-14 of a Chinese Airline that operates into Rangoon. This particular airline has been using IL-14s for over five years.
Rarely seen or photographed is the Lockheed P2V-6M. Note the colour scheme of this aircraft which is operated by the Naval Missile Center.
This much-modified Douglas AD-5Q is in service with the Pacific Missile Range. Note the belly tank, covered rear cockpit and various bumps and radomes in ventral and dorsal positions
In Spotter's Notebook for July our colleague 'Aeroscribe' published a photograph of an All Nippon Airways Viscount K800 still carrying its original U.K. registration. We publish here a photograph of the second A.N.A. Viscount with its correct Japanese registration - JA8202 - on the fin.
Well-known type in unusual markings is this Convair 240 piston-engined transport of Air Korea (HL-25) is in service on the Seoul-Tokyo run.
A regular contributor to this page is Ed Moloney who sent us this photograph of the latest project of his Air Museum. It is a North American O-47B observation aircraft which was in service in the late 1930s just before World War II. It is now resplendent in the markings of the 115th California National Guard and was restored by the Air Museum staff.
Russian competitors in the 1960 International Aerobatic Competition at Bratislava used this specially modified YAK-18 powered by a 160-h.p. M-11 FR five-cylinder radial engine but their best performer was placed eighth. The standard YAK-18U has a span of 33 ft. 9 1/2 in., length 26 ft. 6 in., height 10 ft. 4 in. and has a maximum speed of 146 m.p.h. at an a.u.w. of 2,315 lb.