Air International 2007-07
D.Carrara - Boeing's Buoyant Defence Business /Military/
Boeing's Airborne Laser, based on a 747-400F, is being developed to destroy ballistic missiles. Trials have taken place this year with the NC-135E (right) in this photograph, which was specially painted and modified for the task. Tests assessed the abilities of Airborne Laser's systems to acquire and track a missile.
In a ceremony on the Boeing production line at Long Beach, California, on April 4, 2007, final assembly commenced of the first of four C-17As that will be flown by 8 Wing of the Canadian Forces at CFB Trenton, Ontario. The four major sections of the aircraft, CA1 (c/n F177), were joined together in front of a crowd of Canadian military and civilian dignitaries, Canadian media and Boeing employees. Canadian aircrew and maintainers have already been training for several months on the type and the first aircraft is on scheduled for delivery to Canada in August.
Canada was the third international customer that Boeing secured for the C-17, with an order for four aircraft. This is the first of that country's Globemaster IIIs and is nearing completion, with delivery set for August 2007. The company hopes to add to its C-17 client base via an order from NATO by the end of the year.
До поставки первых заправщиков KC-767 в 2008 году фирме "Boeing" пришлось решить ряд сложных технических проблем. Первый итальянский самолет состыковался с B-52 в марте 2007 года.
This year Boeing has been undertaking a range of trials for its KC-767 programme. Pictured is one of these new tankers, destined for the Italian Air Force, testing the air refuelling boom with a Boeing B-52H Stratofortress. A pilot of the latter aircraft reported that the air stability behind the KC-767 tanker was better than that experienced behind a KC-135.
Chinook production is dominated by the CH-47F variant,with orders to date from the US Army and Royal Netherlands Air Force. The company is also supplying special operations MH-47Gs to the US Army, two of which are pictured here.
Boeing’s F-15 production line has only been kept open in recent years by sales to international customers. This photograph shows one of the 40 aircraft ordered by the Republic of Korea Air Force, with potential for another 80.
One of a number of UAVs Boeing has under development is the A160 Hummingbird. This 35ft long unmanned rotorcraft is designed to loiter for up to 20 hours, though there are plans to increase this to beyond 24 hours. Aircraft have been built for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the US Army's Special Operations Command. A range of tasks, such as reconnaissance and personnel recovery, could be performed by this UAV, in the latter case using a pod carried under the fuselage.
41-я ишаэ "Black Aces" вначале летала на истребителях F-14 и входила в состав Атлантического флота, но в 2001 году ее перевели на Тихий океан, там же получила она и F/A-18F.
An F/A-18F of VFA-41 Black Aces lands aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz. As well as building hundreds of Super Hornets for the US Navy, Boeing has now secured its first export customer, with an order for 24 aircraft from the Royal Australian Air Force. The RAAF chose the two-seat 'F' model, and first delivery is expected in 2009.
Boeing's Apache plant at Mesa, Arizona, is being kept busy with upgrade work and new orders. Most of the contracts emanate from the US Army, though there have also been recent deals from overseas customers, such as Israel and the United Arab Emirates.