Air International 2007-09
D.Willis - Global Fighter Market /Military/ (3)
India's initial interest was in a 'basic' export version of the two-seat Su-30 before the Sukhoi Design greatly enhanced, super-manoeuvrable multi-role variant, with aerodynamic and avionic refinements including the Bars radar, and the AL-31FP powerplant with thrust-vector control.
Malaysia initially planned to replace its MiG-29Ns with the Su-30MKMs in 2008, but has since decided that the Flankers will remain in service until at least 2010.
Singapore has one of the best-equipped air forces in south Asia, including a fleet of F-16C/Ds. These will be augmented over the next two years by a number of F-15SGs. This Republic of Singapore Air Force Fighting Falcon illustrates the 'big spine' of the Block 50+/52+ aircraft.
A number of new and upgraded indigenous combat aircraft are either under development, or about to enter service with the PLAAF, including <...>came on stream in 2004. Given the number of AL-31FN powerplants delivered, it is conceivable that around 100 J-10s have been handed <...> it is estimated that around 300 J-10s will eventually serve with the PLAAF.
In parallel with its request to the United States for a number of F-16C/D Block 50/52s, to counter improvements in the PLAAF, the Republic of China AirForce hopes to be able to upgrade half of its Ching-Kuo indigenously-built fighter fleet to F-CK-1C standard. This F-CK-1A is on the strength of the 443TFW, 9 Sqn, at TainanAFB.
Nos.16 and 26 Squadrons will become the first units to fly the JF-17 in the Pakistan Air Force, replacing Nanchang A-5s. Pakistan currently has a requirement for 150 JF-17s, but this may be increased by a further 100 aircraft. JF-17 07-102 is seen here taxiing with its empty brake 'chute fairing open after its first public display during the National Day Armed Forces Parade at Islamabad on March 23 this year.
In November 2003, the Australian Department of Defence decided to retire the F-111 fleet from 2010 onwards. These will be replaced initially by F/A-18F Super Hornets and ultimately by F-35 JSFs.
F-15K победил истребитель "Dassault Rafale" в конкурсе на поставку в ВВС Южной Кореи. Другие конкуренты, Су-35 и Eurofighter Typhoon, не дошли до последней стадии состязаний.
By the end of this year, the Republic of Korea Air Force should have received 20 of an order for 40 F-15K SIam Eagles. However, the option for 20 further examples may have been dropped as the Korean Government recently released plans to buy 20 next-generation fighters 'with a capacity equivalent to that of the F-15K' between 2010 and 2012.
Royal Thai Air Force F-5Es and F-5Fs, based at Ubon Ratchathani, have been upgraded by Elbit Systems, allowing them to support the F-16s in the air defence of Thailand until a replacement for the Freedom Fighter is selected.
Japan is one of only seven countries still flying the venerable Phantom and intends to replace its F-4EJ Kai fleet from 2010.