Air Pictorial 1964-09
J.Cynk - Poland's Karas
Karas Bs of No. 41 Squadron, 4th Air Regiment, from Torun in 1939. During the war they were attached to the "Pomorze" Army
First production Karas As with centre-section slots
The P.23/1, Karas I, as it appeared early in 1935
The P.23/II, second prototype, in spring of 1935
The Fully developed P.23/III in early 1936; it served as a development aircraft for Karas B and P.43
Karas A conversion trainers of the 1st Air Regiment, Warsaw
Karas A, often used without spats
Karas interiors looking aft towards the dorsal and ventral gun positions - floor panels have been folded back
P.Z.L. P.23B Karas B
The P.42 served as development aircraft for the P.46/I Sum