Aeroplane Monthly 1983-05
M.O'Leary - Pucara attack mission
A lightly loaded Pucara lifting off from the Reconquista runway in well under 1,000ft. The heavy duty landing gear is apparent in this view.
Pucara A-567 flying low on its attack training mission
Another view of Pucara A-567
The huge bubble canopy of the Pucara affords an excellent view. This view also shows to good effect the high mounting of the second seat.
The Aeroplane & Armament Experimental Establishment is currently carrying out limited flight trials with Pucara A-515, RAF serial number ZD485. This aircraft was brought back from the Falklands aboard the Atlantic Causeway and will be flown at Boscombe by Sqn Ldrs Peart and Banfield for about 25hr. After the flying is completed it is expected that the Pucara will go to the RAF Museum at Hendon.
Pucaras are manufactured with an overall anodised finish but recent fighting has seen a number of different camouflage schemes in use. A-567 appears to have the overall light grey anodised finish but is actually painted in the Isles Malvinas camouflage scheme of light brown and green upper surfaces and light grey underneath.
This photograph shows two Pucaras in very different paint schemes. The second aircraft, A-518, is seen in desert camouflage for testing trials with an Arab country.
Line up of Pucaras at Reconquista, with differing camouflage patterns.