Aeroplane Monthly 1983-06
Personal album
Tempest II MW791 of 54 Sqn, from RAF Chilbolton, 1945.
Bombing up an early 193 Sqn Typhoon at Harrowbeer in 1943. Note the early (uncovered) cannon.
Re-arming a 54 Sqn Tempest II at RAF Chilbolton in 1945.
Left, Flt Lt "Beakie” Beake, the author's Flight Commander, OC 9A9 flight, 193 Sqn, aboard his Typhoon. Right, Flt Lt "Johnnie” Crab, OC “B” Flight, 193 Sqn in his Typhoon.
Sqn Ldr John Petrie, OC 193 Sqd. At the time that these four photographs were taken the author was a commissioned Flt Sgt Plt in "A” Flight of 193 Sqn, flying Hawker Typhoons.
Flt Lt Alan Cocks (RAAF) of 183 Sqn, posing with his battle-damaged Typhoon after a rocket firing sortie.