Aeroplane Monthly 1983-07
B.Gunston - Super Superfortress
Boeing B-50D, of which 200 were built, identified by way of the wing-mounted 700 US gal drop tanks.
Выкатка первого опытного B-50A. Обратите внимание на отклоненный киль
Rollout of the B-50A prototype, 46-002, at Renton, Washington. Note the folded fin and rudder enabling clearance of same out of the flight shed.
B-50D 48-096. The B-50D had a new top forward turret and one-piece Plexiglas nose moulding in addition to external fuel tanks.
This B-50A, 46-036, was later used to test the Pratt & Whitney J-57, housed here in a retractable nacelle lowered from the aircraft’s bomb bay.
Some B-50As were converted to train B-36 crews. Illustrated here is TB-50A 46-026.
B-50D из состава 328-й эскадрильи SAC
A 328th Sqn B-50D of the Strategic Air Command takes off from Marharn in October 1950.
The fifth B-50B off the line was 47-122. Note the teardrop front turret. All but one of the 45 B-50Bs were converted to RB-50Bs in 1947 for use by strategic reconnaissance squadrons.
View of B-50 cockpit showing pilot and co-pilot positions.
XB-44 - переделанный под двигатели Пратт-Уитни B-29A "Суперфортресс"
The XB-44, 42-93845, a Pratt & Whitney converted B-29A Superfortress, first flew in 1944.
The Boeing XB-44 Superfortress (four 3,000 h.p. Pratt & Whitney R-4360-33 Wasp-Major engines).