Aeroplane Monthly 1983-08
The Enterprise Space Shuttle pictured during its visit to Fairford on May 21, 1983.
Maj "Boy" Soons sweeps the runway at Soesterberg in a Royal Netherlands Air Force Fokker F.27.
Spencer Flack's Elstree-based Vickers Supermarine Spitfire XIVc, G-FIRE, photographed in the Cambridge area on June 7, 1983, by GORDON BAIN.
Several hundred Grumman/Eastern TBF/TBM Avengers earned their keep in the USA during the Fifties and Sixties in a variety of tasks, including fire bombing and agricultural work. A ban by the Forest Service on the use of single engined aircraft as fire bombers virtually brought the Avenger’s career to a halt overnight, though many were exported to Canada for similar work, fighting the spruce bud worm. Several aircraft have been restored to their original military configuration and one of the latest restorations is the Eastern TBM-3E NL7075C, restored in Royal Navy markings JR456 featured here. The aircraft is flown by warbird collector Bob Pond and features fully operational bomb bay, doors and rear turret.
Bob Pond flying his TBM-3E Avenger JR456/NL7075C with Planes of Fame Avenger in the background, May 1983.
The Tiger Club's SNCAN SV-4B Stampe, G-AWEF, inverted near its Redhill base.
This "basket case" North American Yale trainer was restored by Tom Crevasse of Florida.