Aeroplane Monthly 1983-09
J.King - From Little Acorns
Robinson Redwing G-ABNX and a British Airways Concorde were both visitors to Gatwick on August 25, 1980 to celebrate the airport's golden jubilee.
General view of Gatwick taken in November 1947 with the camouflaged Beehive on the left of the picture.
Taken at the same time was this view of an assortment of Dakotas with two BEA aircraft in the foreground.
Hawker Hurricanes of No. 3 Sqn prepare to take off from Gatwick during the Daily Express Air Show held in July 1938. A crowd of 150,000 paid for admission.
Gatwick in 1969, before the merger of BUA and Caledonian.
The photograph is an aerial view of Gatwick taken in May 1933 with two Redwings parked outside the minute hangar. Redwing Aircraft Ltd took over the ownership of the aerodrome the previous year. The Surrey Aero Club clubhouse can be seen to the right of centre of the picture.
Redwing G-AAUO with some local beauty at Gatwick during the hot summer of 1932.
Robinson Redwings G-ABNX and G-ABOK at Gatwick in April 1933. ’NX is still airworthy and is currently owned by John Pothecary.
D.H.86 G-ADEC after transfer to British Airways from Hillman's in June 1936, on the tarmac in front of the recently completed Beehive.
British Airways’ Fokker F.XII G-ADZH ready for departure from Gatwick in 1936.
One of the first aircraft at Gatwick in 1930 was this D.H.60M Moth, G-AAYF, seen here in the colours of the Surrey Aero Club.