Air International 1993-02
??? - FAPA - A force alone
Some 30 An-26 ‘Curls’ are reportedly in FAPA service.
FAPA Mi-25 ‘Hind E’ gunships which together with Mi-35 ‘Hind F’s operate from Benguala among other bases.
One of the first combat types in the FAPA inventory was the MiG-17F ‘Fresco’. Note the early style roundel on the wing of ‘C24’.
Alouette IIIs entered FAPA service from Angolan independence in 1975 when 13 left behind by Portugal were taken on. Subsequently, some 36 IAR-built examples were also acquired.
A mixed group of aircrew in front of an Mi-8/17 in the late-1980s when Cuban and East German mercenaries were still used by the FAPA.
Line-up of FAPA ‘Floggers’, currently the main front-line combat aircraft in Angola, at Luanda with a MiG-23U on the left and three MiG-23MF 'Flogger G’s to the right. The aircraft coding system appears to indicate C for ‘combat’ (on the single-seaters) and I for ‘instruction’ on the trainers.
Pre-delivery shot of the sole FAPA F27-MPA at Farnborough in 1980.
One of 12 CASA 212s delivered to the FAPA in two batches of eight and four.