Air International 1996-03
D.Allport - IFOR air operations in Bosnia
AAC/9 Regiment Lynx AH.1 XZ651 hover-taxies in at Divulje Barracks, Split after a sortie up country into Bosnia on February 1, 1996.
One of the large contingent of US Army helicopters to pass through Hungary en route to Bosnia for IFOR duties, 2/227th Avn AH-64A 87-0504 from Langendiebach, Germany, is seen at Kaposvar/Kaposujlak Airport, Hungary, after arrival on December 21, 1995.
German Army UH-1D Iroquois 72+43 seen visiting Divulje on February 1, 1996 is one of four based some 80 miles further up to coast at Zadar and, rather than the more usual large white IFOR titles on helicopters in the region, carries the blue/white IFOR badge on the boom with IFOR in English and cyrillic.
Both of the resident RN Sea King HC.4s at Gornji Vakuf are seen in this view on February 1, 1996 as ZA297/‘(Y)C’ prepares to land behind ZD480 ‘(Y)E’ following a casevac mission.
Sea King HAS.6 ZA131/‘011/L’ of 820 Squadron deposits another load of underslung cargo on the deck of HMS Illustrious in the Adriatic on February 2, 1996 whilst operating from and to Bari airport, Italy, ferrying supplies out to the carrier, which is also supporting IFOR operations.
Inter-service co-operation - RAF/1310 Flight Chinook HC.2 ZA680/‘BD' is secured after landing aboard HMS Illustrious in the Adriatic off Italy on February 2, 1996 prior to departing back to Split with various naval personnel (and several aviation journalists!). The Chinooks do occassionally get involved in operations from the carriers and the opportunity was taken in this instance to practice deck landing before returning to shore.
IFOR Chinook HC2
RAF/1310 Flight Chinook HC.2 ZA704/‘EJ’ over typically wintery Bosnian countryside en route from Split to Gornji Vakuf on February 1, 1996 ferrying another load of Army troops en route to their units at various locations around the country.
Visiting Divulje on February 1, 1996 was ALAT SA 330B 1231, one of ten which were previously based here for IFOR operations but now operate from Ploce, further down the coast, although they are still seen regularly both at Divulje and nearby Split Airport. As with the RN Sea Kings, they do not carry their serials externally and in addition have had all unit codes removed.