Air International 1996-03
A little recorded event at the Moscow airshow at Zhukovsky in August 1995, was the display by a MiG-21UM (‘62 ) of its short-field take-off capability using a ramp. It is understood that the display was for the benefit of potential customers of the MiG-21, as a demonstration of how its take-off performance may be improved. If so, it is not clear how its landing distance would be similarly reduced.
Japan Air Self Defence Force’s air demonstration team Blue Impulse made its last display with Mitsubishi T-2s from Hamamatsu Air Base on December 3, 1995. The team, officially called Aerial Tactics Research Flight was established at Hamamatsu AB on December 11, 1960. The team was officially disbanded on December 22 after which the tradition of the Blue Impulse will be continued by 11 Hikotai (Squadron) equipped with Kawasaki T-4s. This photograph was taken during the team’s last transition flight to Matsushima AB after a last display at Hamamatsu AB.