Air International 1996-07
P.Beaver - Catch a Tiger...
Eurocopter Tiger.
Австралия оценивала вертолет Aussie Tiger - вариант на базе французского HAP, с установленным на крыше кабины прицелом и рядом изменений для удовлетворения внутренних требований.
This view of F-ZWWT illustrates the tandem seating configuration which gives the crew excellent visibility. Flat windscreens and only slightly curved side windows minimise all-round glint.
Tiger demonstrates its agility, which can be used to good effect for both attack and defence.
By making use of natural cover, the Tiger’s inherent low-detectability - achieved by a combination of low radar signature, low infra-red emission, low noise and passive weapon system - is enhanced.
It would be a brave adversary that dared attack this tank, protected as it is by a HAP-configured Tiger armed with Mistral air-to-air missiles and a 30mm chin-mounted gun. F-ZWWU is the Gerfaut armament test aircraft and first flew on December 15, 1994.
Прототип боевого вертолета Tiger пускает ракету ATAM. Вариант ракеты ПЗРК Mistral для вертолетов имеет обычно сдвоенное пусковое устройство и ныне используется на Gazelle французской Армии.
One of the three Mistral air-to-air missile firing trials carried out towards the end of 1995. The flight conditions included 120kts/2g, maximum speed in level flight and sideslipping at 100kts.
Pilot’s cockpit layout with prominence being given to the two-colour liquid crystal multi-function displays. Note also the ergonomically positioned buttons on the cyclic lever. Out of sight of the photograph is the head-up-display which allows the pilot to fly the Tiger while looking ahead, out of the cockpit, for 90% of the time during intensive situations.
Co-pilot/gunner’s station, with the armament control panel situated immediately to the left of the lower multi-function display. In the HAP configuration the anti-tank weapon system is operated by the gunner. All other weapons can be operated by either crew member.
Eurocopter Tiger
Three-view drawing of the Eurocopter Tiger anti-tank helicopter, with additional side view (bottom) of the HAP Gerfaut escort and support variant.
General arrangement of the Eurocopter 665 Tiger. Side views show UHT (upper) and HAP (lower) configuration.