Air International 1996-07
G.Endres - NAMC YC-11 The Japanese Commuter
Olympic Airways remains one of only two European airlines to have operated the YS-11A - one of its examples was also subsequently operated for a short time by the Norwegian carrier Mey Air. Most surviving Olympic examples were transferred to the Hellenic Air Force, including SX-BBI seen here at Athens in October 1975.
Port of Spain-based Air Caribbean took delivery of its first two YS-11As in July 1993 and now works the type hard on the Trinidad-Tobago ‘airbridge’. The airline’s fleet of three Srs 500s are seen here in late 1993 soon after delivery, the nearest and furthest aircraft still retaining the US registrations of their previous operators. A single Srs 600 freighter was delivered in February 1995 whilst passenger capacity was due to be supplemented in mid-1996 by the addition of a further Srs 500.
Greek Air Force YS-11A-220 2143, previously with Olympic Airways as SX-BBI, is one of six which were acquired and operated by 356 Mira Taktikis Metaforon (Tactical Transport Squadron) at Elefsis for VIP transport and calibration, although only four now remain with the unit and two of these have recently been retired.
Wearing a more traditional military camouflage, Greek Air Force/356 Mira YS-11A-220 2153 was still active when seen at Elefsis in July 1995 but has now been withdrawn from use.
All Nippon Airways subsidiary Air Nippon continues to operate many YS-11s, some 18 being currently in service, including YS-11-102 JA8650 seen here in the titles of Nippon Kinkyori Airways, the previous incarnation of Air Nippon, which took up its new name in 1987.
All Nippon Airways became the biggest operator after putting the type into service in June 1965. JA8791 was a late production YS-11A-213 which entered service with the airline on February 24, 1973 but was returned to NAMC in May 1978 and then sold to the Japanese Maritime Safety Agency on December 1, 1978.
JASDF YS-11s are operated in a variety of roles, including transport, navaid calibration, SIGINT/EW (with J/ALR-2 radio signal monitoring system), ELINT (with Toshiba ALR-1, ALQ-7 ECM system and other active jammers), navigation training and VIP transport whilst the JMSDF also operates the type for transport and training. Seen at Iruma in 1977 is YS-11E 12-1163 of the Denshi Kunrentai (ECM Training Flight). Note the extensive radome fit for its ECM role.
Продажи на рынке США вначале шли плохо - лишь "Hawaiian Airlines" взяла в лизинг три машины, однако усовершенствованная модификация стала в Америке более успешно "
Hawaiian Airlines used the YS-11 as a stop-gap measure while taking delivery of Douglas DC-9 jets. N1147H, seen here on a pre-delivery test flight, was one of three YS-11-117s operated between 1966 and 1968, this example being delivered on December 4, 1966 on lease but returned to NAMC on October 1, 1967.
Three-view drawing of the NAMC YS-11A.