Air International 1997-01
Lockheed Martin F-16A J-879 of 312 Squadron Royal Netherlands Air Force, based at Volkel Air Base, in a commemorative colour scheme to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the squadron which was formed on December 1, 1951, at Volkel with newly-delivered Republic F-84E Thunderjets. Note the Squadron nickname, Bonzo, carried on the fin and the emblem on the ventral fin, which was taken from F-16B J-653, the aircraft used by the R Neth AF for night vision goggle trials.
The last three Douglas LC-117Ds to see service in Antarctica during Operation Deep Freeze, seen partially dismantled on the dock side in January 1968, for shipment to the USA. Oil the left is 12441/‘JD/11’/City of Invercargill, with 17092/'JD/15’ (also named but unreadable on this print) behind and 99853/‘JD'/Wilshie Duit to the right. 99853 was abandoned after being dropped from a crane while the other two eventually ended up in storage at Davis-Monthan AFB until sold in February 1975 to the Turbo 3 Corporation, although they only progressed as far as the scrapyards adjoining Davis-Monthan, where they still remain to this day.