Air International 2002-08
F.James - US Navy jet aircrew training /Military/
Several hundred aviation students a year receive advanced IFR training on Bell TH-57 Sea Rangers at NAS Whiting Field.
Raytheon Beech T-34C Turbo-Mentors are used to provide primary flight training for students attached to the Chief of Naval Air Training. Some 10% of the T-34C fleet is used for pilot proficiency and other aircraft support services to AIRLANT, AIRPAC and NAVAIR satellite airfields operated throughout the Unites States.
North American T-39N Sabreliners are used for naval flight officer advanced training at NAS Pensacola. Naval flight officers specialise in subjects such as navigation, electronic countermeasures and tactical data systems.
To enable training under instrument and icing conditions, the Beech T-44 Pegasus is equipped with anti-icing systems augmented by full airways instrumentation and navigation equipment. It is used for advanced turboprop aircraft training and for intermediate carrier-based turboprop radar aircraft training at NAS Corpus Christi.
A trio of Air Training Wing One T-2C Buckeyes in formation. Formation flying is part of the training syllabus for students on the Intermediate Strike Training course. As the Marines provide several instructor pilots to the Training Command, some of the T-2Cs sport a ‘Marines' logo.
A Training Air Wing One T-45C, carrying practice bombs, begins a bombing run on the ranges at Naval Air Facility El Centro, California. Training Air Wing One, at NAS Meridian, Mississippi, uses the T-45C for advanced strike training.
Beech T-1As are used for naval flight officer advanced training at NAS Pensacola. This particular aircraft, 90-0405, RA’, of 12 Flying Training Wing, was photographed at its home base, Randolph Field, in October 1995.