Air International 2002-08
Mirage 2000C, 12-YS, of EC1/12 ‘Cambresis’ has received a composite colour scheme to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the unit, and the Tiger Meet. Fighter Squadron 1/12 was formed in May 1952 at Mont de Marsan. The following year the squadron moved to Cambrai, where it has remained ever since. Over the years the squadron has operated the MD450 Ouragan, the first operational French jet fighter (silhouetted on the Mirage 2000’s fuselage side), Mystere IVA (from 1955), Super Mystere B2 (1959), Mirage F1C (1980) and Mirage 200C (since 1992).
This Forsvarsmaktens Helikopterflottilj (Swedish Defence Helicopter Wing) HKP-10 (AS 332M1 Super Puma), 97, is on the strength of 1 Helikopterbataljon (Helicopter Battalion), based at Lulea in northern Sweden. It is one of 12 of the type strategically distributed at various air bases around the country to provide search and rescue, and was photographed in June 2002 during a SAR demonstration.