Air Pictorial 1969-06
N.Parnell, C.Lynch - History of the R.A.A.F. (6)
Dutch Navy Dornier Do 24K X-5 (c/n. 765) - note Dutch flag insignia - seen at No. 3 O.T.U., Rathmines, where it was taken over by the R.A.A.F. as A49-1, in April 1942. One of the Dutch Dorniers was used for clandestine flights to the East Indies
Wirraways A20-19, '22 and '21 of No. 1 F.T.S. near Laverton, Vic., February 1940
After the evacuation of Java Lockheed Lodestars on order for the Dutch forces (serial block LT-9) came to Australia. This particular aircraft was at No. 1 A.D., Laverton, during June 1942
Short C-Class flying-boat A18-11 (c/n. S.843, ex-G-AEUA "Calypso"). Impressed by the R.A.A.F. on 21 st September 1939, it served with No. 11 Squadron until 18th November 1941 when it was transferred to No. 20 Squadron. Later, on 12th February 1942, it was taken over by No. 33 Squadron, and on 8th August 1942 crashed into the Torres Strait off the Fly River, Papua
Another Empire boat, G-ADUT "Centaurus" (c/n. S.811) was impressed as A18-10 on 21 st September 1939, and also issued to No. 11 Squadron. After a similar history to A18-11's, it was destroyed by enemy action at Broome, Western Australia, on 3rd March 1942
Ryan STM A50-2 (c/n. 467, ex-Dutch S-31), which later became VH-ARS, at Kingsford Smith Airport, Mascot. It was one of thirty-four STMs evacuated from Java