Aeroplane Monthly 1984-01
F.Winstanley - Those Celluloid Flying Fools (1)
Wingwalking was a popular pastime in the early days: Clarence “Ace" Bragunier showed how easy it was on a Jenny in 1920, even when wearing handcuffs.
These two Fokker D VIIs were used in the film Hell’s Angels and are seen at Oakland Airport in 1928. The aircraft on the left has a Hispano Suiza engine, that on the right a six cylinder L6 engine.
A Ford Trimotor undergoing an aft c.g. check in 1930 over Miami with James Terry playing the role of tail end Charlie.
This Sikorsky S.29A masqueraded as a Gotha bomber in the film Hell’s Angels, flown by Roscoe Turner. The photographs were taken at Oakland Airport, California in 1928. The S.29A was a passenger aircraft that doubled as a heavy bomber. It was powered by two 400 h.p. Liberty engines and had a maximum speed of 111 m.p.h. It could climb to 5,000ft in just under nine minutes.