Aeroplane Monthly 1984-01
C.Guhnfeldt - Tante Ju comes ashore
Hartvigvannet in May 1940. Norwegian troops have recaptured the lake and have collected empty oil drums and put them underneath the wings of the aircraft to prevent them from sinking when the ice breaks.
Hartvigvannet in May 1940. The Norwegians have placed oil drums on each side of the remaining engine of what appears to be the Nachrichten Ju 52. Note the two antennae.
Junkers Ju 52 werke nummer 6657 being hoisted out of the water at Hartvigvannet during the evening of June 9, 1983.
The Ju 52 shortly after retrieval from the lake on June 9, 1983.
The Ju 52 shortly after it was returned to dry land.
This photograph taken at Hartvigvannet in June 1940 shows the wreck of a Ju 52 from 2.Kette, 3. Staffel of KG z.b.v. 102 lying near the shore on the exact spot where, 40 years later, another aircraft from the same unit was salvaged.
The werke-plate of the Junkers.
Early morning on June 10, 1983 at Lake Hartvigvannet; Junkers Ju 52 6657 is eased onto the shore by crane.