Aeroplane Monthly 1984-01
L.Coombs - Cockpits of the RAF (4)
Where do we go from here? The crew of a Whitley go into a huddle over the night's operation.
This view down into the cockpit of a Hawker Hurricane shows a bewildering array of controls.
The open rear cockpit of a Miles Magister.
The cockpit of Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Spitfire PR. Mk XIX PM631, looking remarkably uncluttered without a gunsight and with its clear-view moulded windscreen. The hood jettison lever in this aircraft is on the lower port side of the windscreen frame.
A typical scene inside a Vickers Wellington in 1940. The pilot is craning round in an attempt to press the fuel gauge selector button, which was situated much closer to the wireless operator than to the man who really needed to know.
A pupil pilot on blind-flying training flies his Anson from inside a canvas bag.
The navigator of another Anson sits at his chart table while in the nose a pupil samples the delights of the course-setting bomb-sight.
The retractable windscreen of the Miles Master lifted automatically when the instructor raised his seat, giving his improved vantage point some protection from the elements.