Aeroplane Monthly 1984-02
E.Ritaranta - Picking up the Gauntlet
"Гонтлит" I, использовавшийся в Финляндии как учебный самолет, 1943 г.
GT-405 issued to T-LLv 35, an advanced training squadron, at Vesivehmaa during winter 1941-42. The ski design is a 1925 vintage and was used by many types of aircraft up until the 1960s.
Detail of the cockpit area of GT-400, photographed in June 1978.
The Finnish Gloster Gauntlet, GT-400/OH-XGT, in the air in September 1983.
A pair of wheels from a Polikarpov I-16 replaced the original Gauntlet undercarriage.
Gauntlet GT-408 in a compromising position in summer 1940. The RAF camouflage can be clearly seen.