Aeroplane Monthly 1984-02
J.Stroud - Wings of Peace
The Vimy Commercial prototype, K-107, arriving at Amsterdam for the ELTA exhibition in August 1919.
The Vimy Commercial prototype before application of the temporary civil registration. In this picture the aeroplane has a narrow forward door.
Chinese Vimys under construction at Weybridge in 1919.
Английские двухмоторные транспортники Виккерс "Вернон" (они же "Вими Коммершиал"), закупленные китайцами в 1920 году, использовались не только как почтово-пассажирские самолеты, но и как бомбардировщики в междоусобных войнах.
One of the Chinese Vickers Vimy Commercials at Shanghai. The Chinese Vimys were ordered in 1919 and delivered by sea during 1920-21.
Another view of the Vimy Commercial prototype shows that the fuselage was a much better aerodynamic shape than generally assumed from other views.
The Vimy-Commercial prototype (K-107) which differed from production aircraft in having circular portholes and no rear door.
The prototype Vimy Ambulance, J6855, after painting and with Red Cross markings on wings and fuselage. The “airstair" entrance door can be clearly seen.
View looking aft in the prototype Vimy Commercial when fitted with forward door, leather seats, full-width rear bench and roof hatch.
Looking aft in a Vimy Commercial with wicker seats, rectangular windows, narrower rear seat, aft entrance door and sliding bulkhead section which presumably gave access to a lavatory - for very thin people. There appears to be a blind which could be pulled down to cover the lavatory window, perhaps in case of close formating aircraft.
THE VICKERS VIMY-COMMERCIAL AMBULANCE MACHINE: An interior view, looking aft, showing racks, stretchers, seats, etc.
The interior of the Vimy Ambulance J6855.
The Vimy Commercial prototype, as G-EAAV, after its accident at Tabora in Tanganyika on February 27, 1920.
KEITH WOODCOCK'S painting depicts one of the Chinese Vickers Vimy Commercials, 40 of which were supplied to the Chinese Government during 1920-21.
VICKERS "VERNONS" AT BAGHDAD: Our photograph shows a squadron of twin-engined Vickers-Napier "Vernons" at Hinaidi Aerodrome, Baghdad. These machines are used as bombers and troop-carriers, and are also employed for transporting mails on the Royal Air Force Mail Route between Cairo and Baghdad.
A line up of Vernons at Hinaidi, Baghdad in 1925 with J6874 Assyrian in the foreground.
A Vernon Mk I of 45 Squadron, believed to be J7134 Valkyrie.