Aeroplane Monthly 1984-04
J.Pelly-Fry - Wellesleys over the Sudan (2)
A formation of 76(B) Squadron Wellesleys up from RAF Finningley in February 1938. No 76 Squadron was the first unit to receive the Wellesley into service, at Finningley in April 1937, and the type was still on strength at the outbreak of war.
Two views of Wellesley K7733 after a take-off accident at Blackdown, Sudan on November 6, 1940. The fact that both landing lights are in the extended position indicates that the incident probably occurred at night.
Somewhere in the Sudan - probably Sennar. Fg Off Jock Sheppard of “A” Flight, 223 Squadron, surveys his Wellesley, K7760, after it forced landed immediately after take-off on November 29, 1940. The cause of the engine failure is not known. The Pegasus XX has detached itself from the aircraft.