Aeroplane Monthly 1984-04
A.Lumsden, T.Heffernan - Probe Probare (3)
D.H.86A G-ADYH at A&AEE during trials in July 1936.
The prototype D.H.86 being flown from Stag Lane in January 1934 by Hubert Broad, just a few days after its first flight.
D.H.86B G-AENR operating with West Coast Air Services Ltd in February 1937.
Another view of D.H.86A L8037, now camouflaged, photographed in November 1942.
After the crash of QANTAS' D.H.86 VH-USG, Imperial Airways' G-ACWE was reallocated to QANTAS as VH-UUA. It is seen here on a flight from Hatfield in February 1935.
QANTAS D.H.86 VH-USC photographed in September 1934.
Converted to a D.H.86B from an 86A, L8037 was formerly G-ADYC of British Airways. It was taken over in 1937 by the RAF and used as a flying classroom.
D.H.86A G-ADEB again, this time in British Airways livery. Photographs was taken at Gatwick before the aircraft was modified to D.H.86B standard.
D.H.86 G-ADEB of British Airways Ltd crashed near Altenkirchen in Germany on August 12, 1936.
The D.H.86B SU-ABV.
Originally registered G-ADYJ, this D.H.86B became L7596 and flew with 24 (Communications) Squadron from Hendon. It was lost in a crash at Kirby-in-Furness in July 1939.
Wrightways’ D.H.86A G-AEJM flying from Hatfield in February 1937.
First D.H.86s had single crew cockpits but at the request of QANTAS later versions had two-crew side-by-side accommodation, as shown in the fight-deck view here.
The passenger cabin of the D.H.86.