Aeroplane Monthly 1984-04
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Halifax B Mk 6 ST801 photographed at Southend in 1949 wearing the marks G-ALOM. Though registered to Aviation Traders Ltd the Halifax was reduced to spares in November 1949.
Halifax B Mk 6 RG785 was registered in November 1947 to London Aero Motor Services Ltd and delivered to Stansted still in its RAF marks. The marks G-AJBE were probably never worn, though a Piper Cub was given the same registration in April 1947. RG785 was sold to the Pakistan Air Force in October 1949.
Halifax C Mk 8 PP311 with roundels painted out and the civil registration G-AHYI applied just forward of the tailplane. This aircraft was registered to BOAC in September 1946 but was returned to the RAF as PP311 in July 1947. In January 1948 it was registered again, this time to Anglo French Distributors Ltd, and was delivered to Gatwick with daubed civil markings. In March 1949 'HYI was bought by Skyflight Ltd but was scrapped the same year.
Halifax A Mk 9 RT763, alias Lot 147, was purchased by Aviation Traders at Southend in June 1949 and sold to Bond Air Services Ltd who operated the aircraft on the Berlin Airlift. G-ALON was scrapped at Southend in June 1950.
Halifax A Mk 9 RT846 originally served with 1 FU. After disposal from the RAF it was registered G-ALOP to Aviation Traders at Southend. In February it was ferried to the Egyptian Air Force with the Arabic serial number 1155.
Halifax A Mk 9 RT888 served with 1 FU and then the MEDME before being acquired by Aviation Traders and registered G-ALOR in April 1949. This too was delivered to the Egyptian Air Force in February 1950. EAF serial number was 1157.
Halifax C Mk 8 PP329 awaiting conversion in 1948. The code letters GR-P are still visible denoting that the aircraft is a 301 (Polish) Squadron Halifax. Registered G-AKBR this aircraft had several owners and flew on the Berlin Airlift with Skyflight Ltd from September 1948. After this it was sold to Eagle Aviation Ltd in August 1949 and scrapped the following year.
Halifax A Mk 9 RT873 served with 47 Squadron, and on disposal from the RAF was acquired by Aviation Traders Ltd and delivered to Southend in night camouflage and white lettering. It was scrapped there in January 1950.
Another Halifax A Mk 9 destined for the Egyptian Air Force was RT793, seen here at Southend before delivery in January 1950. Previously RT793 served with Nos 47 and 113 Squadrons before moving to 1332 HTCU.
Halifax C Mk 8 PP317 was registered to BOAC in September 1946 and transferred back to the RAF in April 1947. In January 1948 it was restored to the register to Anglo French Distributors Ltd.
Halifax A Mk 9 RT937 seen at Southend with the temporary registration letters G-ALOS. On the fin is painted Lot 145. Lot 145 eventually flew on the Berlin Airlift with Bond Air Services and was later scrapped.
Halifax A Mk 9 RT787 served with 1361 Flt before passing on to Nos 521 and 518 Squadrons. After disposal from the RAF RT787 was registered G-ALOO and sold to the Egyptian Air Force via Aviation Traders Ltd in February 1950. The EAF serial number was 1158.
Halifax C Mk 8 PP324 waiting in vain for conversion for civil use. The 301 (Polish) Squadron markings GR-V are still visible. Registered G-AKGO this Halifax was registered to Airtech Ltd and delivered to Stansted still in RAF markings in May 1948, but was never converted.
Halifax C Mk 8 PP245 was registered G-AIWR to London Aero Motor Services (South Africa) Ltd but soon took up South African markings ZS-BUL for operating pilgrim flights between Istanbul, Nairobi and Jeddah. Its short civil life came to an end at Port Sudan after a crash landing in November 1947.