Aeroplane Monthly 1984-04
A.Ord-Hume - Edgar Wikner Percival
The prototype Percival Gull, G-ABUR, during initial trials early in 1932. This aircraft was originally powered by a 130 h.p. Cirrus Hermes IV but for a while flew with a 160 h.p. Napier Javelin III engine which gave a top speed of around 160 m.p.h.
The prototype Percival Gull three seat folding-wing monoplane, G-ABUR, was the first of a line of high performance touring aircraft that culminated with the Proctor.
Edgar Percival, brilliant designer of the Mew Gull, in familiar pose in his own Gull, G-AFAA, before the race. Timekeeper George Reynolds looks on.