Aeroplane Monthly 1984-07
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Airco D.H.9A H3626 was built at Southport, Lancashire, by the Vulcan Motor & Engineering Company.
Hawker Hart J9947, one of 15 Air Ministry development aircraft (J9933 - J9947), all of which were issued to 33 Squadron at Eastchurch in January 1930. Presumably this aircraft was engaged in tropical trials when this photograph was taken.
Westland Wapiti IIA J9499. Mainstay of the RAF on the North-west Frontier of India and over the deserts of Iraq, the Wapiti first flew in 1927, and some continued in service in India on the outbreak of World War Two. This example has a message hook for Army Co-operation work.
Handley Page H.P. 24 Clive II, the metal version of the Handley Page Clive I. In order to cure the tail-heaviness of the Hinaidis and the Clive, the wings were given sweepback. In addition the Clive had its nose extended to accommodate a gunners cockpit, plus other modifications to carry 17 fully armed troops and various items of equipment. Two prototypes were built, one of which was J9948, illustrated here.
A splendid photograph of the prototype Handley Page Hinaidi, J7745. Originally a production Hyderabad, with two Napier Lions, J7745 was re-engined with French-built Gnome-Rhone Jupiters. Conversion took place at Martlesham Heath and the Hinaidi was first flown from there on March 26, 1927. It was displayed at that years RAF Pageant at Hendon and then was flown out to Egypt and India for extensive tropical trials where, presumably, this photograph was taken. As a result of the trials the Hinaidi replaced the Hyderabad in RAF service.
A rather bent Vickers Vernon troop carrier. J7139 was probably a 45 Squadron (Hinaidi) aircraft. It was powered by two 450 h.p. Napier Lions and carried 12 passengers and two crew. This squadron was the first to receive Vernons into service and in company with 70 Squadron did much of the flying on the Cairo-Baghdad air mail route.