Aeroplane Monthly 1984-07
R.Riding - Avro 558 /British pre-war ultralights/ (40)
The second Avro 558 in its earliest form.
A. V. Roe peers intently at the whining B and H engine installed in the first Avro 558, No.5, at Lympne in October 1923.
The first Avro 558 after emerging from Hamble with a 698 c.c. Blackburne Tomtit engine and conventional strutted undercarriage in time for racing at Hendon on October 27, 1923.
G-EBHW at Hendon after receiving a Tomtit engine and revised undercarriage.
LIGHT 'PLANES AT HENDON: 4. Hamersley on the Avro biplane (Douglas engine).
The modified G-EBHW flying at Hendon on October 27, 1923, with Hamersley as pilot.
The Douglas-engined Avro 558 was the second aircraft and was given the number 11 for the Lympne trials. It was registered to Messrs G. E. Bush and H. A. Hamersley at the Central Flying School at Upavon.
This front view of the second Avro 558 shows the wide wing span (30ft) and the low frontal area.
Avro 558