Aeroplane Monthly 1984-08
Personal album
Hurricane I L1893 seen after colliding with a “native" on a donkey at Amriya, 1939. L1893 was one of a batch of 600 Hurricanes delivered between December 1937 and November 1939 and was a tropical trials aircraft initially, before serving with 247 Squadron. This squadron was formed from A Flight of 80 Squadron and B Flight of 33 Squadron, becoming the first Desert Hurricane squadron. L1893 was struck off RAF charge in March
Gladiator K7905 of 80 Squadron after a mishap at Amriya in May 1939. The aircraft was struck off charge the following November.
Gladiator I K8009 is seen at RAF Ismailia in July 1938 after a one-wheel landing by Plt Off Pattie. After flying with 80 Squadron, K8009 flew with the Royal Australian Air Force before being relegated to a Repair and Salvage Unit. Sqn Ldr M. T. St John Pattie DFC was later killed in Greece.
Gladiator K7903 balancing on its nose at RAF Helwan in February 1939. This 80 Squadron aircraft went missing on August 8, 1940.
Gladiator K8008 of 80 Squadron being collected for return to Amriya after a crash landing in May 1939. This aircraft subsequently flew with the Royal Australian Air Force and the Met. Flight at El Adem, and was finally lost in a forced landing near El Adem on January 26, 1942.
Hawker Hind K5458 of 211 Squadron is righted at RAF Ismailia in December 1938. K5458 previously flew with 57 Squadron and was struck off RAF charge in December 1939.
One of a batch of 27 Swordfish delivered in mid-1937, K8869 is seen at Amriya in September 1938.
Avro Tutor K1230 was one of 11 of a trial batch delivered in mid-1930. It was attached to C Flight at Gosport and became an instructional airframe - re-numbered 666M in June 1935. The location and date of this accident is not known. Note the style of the serial number on the rudder. This batch of Tutors was engined with the five-cylinder Siddeley Mongoose; later aircraft flew with the seven-cylinder Siddeley Lynx.