Aeroplane Monthly 1984-09
R.Riding - ANEC I /British pre-war ultralights/ (42)
The clipped wing ANEC IA competing at the Royal Aero Club Lympne races during the August Bank holiday in 1925. It is powered by a 1,100 c.c Anzani engine.
The two photographs were taken at Brooklands in August 1923. They show the unmarked prototype ANEC I at the time of its first flight, after addition of the larger rudder.
The clipped icing ANEC IA G-EBIL at Lympne during the August Bank holiday of 1925 where Jimmy James took the speed prize with an average speed of 83 7 m.p.h. over a 50km course.
Close-up of the cockpit area of ANEC I G-EBHR showing the pilot's restricted view.
One of the ANEC Is under construction at Addlestone in 1923.
Close-up of the first ANEC I showing the neatly cowled Blackburne Tomtit engine installation.
The A.N.E.C. (700 c.c. Blackburne vee twin, inverted)
ANEC I G-EBIL being wheeled out at Lympne in October 1923.