Aeroplane Monthly 1984-10
L.Hendrix - Hughes' twin boomer
A rare photograph of the Hughes D-2, taken at Harper's Dry Lake.
Предполагаемый вид бомбардировщика на базе самолета Хьюза D-2
An artist's impression of the Hughes D-2. Interlocks would have prevented the rear gunner from shooting the tail off!
Two more photographs of 44-70156, taken on December 31, 1948. The lower shot emphasises the huge 101 ft wingspan and almost total lack of dihedral.
The second Hughes XF-11, 44-70156, later redesignated XR-11, seen flying off the Californian coast in 1947.
The first XF-11, 44-70155, about to take off on July 7, 1946, with Howard Hughes at the controls. Minutes later the aircraft was a heap of wreckage in the middle of Beverly Hills. Note the contra-rotating Hamilton Standard propellers, the controls of which caused the accident.
Howard Hughes runs up the engines of the second XF-11 before its first test flight at Culver City on April 5, 1947.
The second XF-11, 44-70156, shows off its high aspect ratio and sleek lines.