Aviation Historian 34
Moncrieff (left) and Hood pose for the camera in front of the Aotearoa at Sydney’s Richmond aerodrome.
Two views of HTRE-3 - the third and final Heat Transfer Reactor Experiment test assembly - at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL). These images, from General Electric’s report, show the nuclear reactor on the upper level (with external shield in place LEFT), and the nozzles of the two X39-5 axial-flow turbojet engines protruding from the lower level. This test rig survives, and is on public display adjacent to the car park of the main INL Experimental Breeder Reactor site west of Idaho Falls, having been moved about 30 miles (48km) south from Test Area North, where the trials took place during 1958-60.
LEFT The prop installed on the 1910 Parent monoplane; RIGHT the caption on the back of the print
View of another RIP prop used on the Goldschmidt monoplane (very reminiscent of an Antoinette).