Aviation Historian 34
N.Stroud - Special delivery
Douglas DC-6A N6258C (c/n 44258/467) Clipper Gladiator has both its port-side freight doors open after its arrival at Melsbroek on July 18, 1957, with roof panels being fed directly from the rear door into an impressive three-container Ziegler truck. Gladiator joined the PAA fleet in May 1954 and served with the airline until it was sold to the Portuguese Air Force in August 1961.
Representing the USA’s Commissioner General, Dan Schausten (holding box) accepts a gift from the PAA crew at Melsbroek on July 18, 1957.
LEFT Ziegler crew manhandle roof panels from Clipper Gladiator’s rear freight door. RIGHT Schausten and the DC-6A’s captain (identity unknown) pose for photographs.