Air International 2008-02
H.-P.Grolleau - CEAM evaluation experts /Military/
CEAM operates a comprehensive fleet of Mirage F1s, Mirage 2000s and Rafales. It is likely that the two Mirage F1CR reconnaissance fighters will be transferred to Reims in mid-2008 because all evaluation work for the type will have ended.
A CEAM Mirage 2000-5F taxies out at Mont-de-Marsan. The -5 will soon be equipped with a Link 16 datalink which will require in-depth operational testing.
A Mirage 2000D and a CEPA Rafale M break away from the camera-ship. The CEPA (Centre d'Experimentations Pratiques de I'Aeronavale, or Naval Aviation Evaluation Centre) closely co-operates with the CEAM on the Rafale programme.
Evaluation of the Rafale F2 has now ended, but the CEAM will begin testing the F3 variant in mid-2008.