Aeroplane Monthly 1985-08
Harvard IIB FE905 in the RAF Museum's Restoration Centre at Cardington on April 10, 1985. It was acquired from the Whitehall Theatre of War in March. Here it wears its USAAF serial 42-12392.
Catalina G-BLSC/JV928, newly named Charles Gardner after the late BBC air correspondent, at North Weald on June 26, 1985. Next to it stand Gardner's widow and Sir George Edwards.
Westland Widgeon III VH-UHU “G-AUKA" at Boort, Victoria, Australia in May 1985.
David Price's Spitfire FR.XIV G-MXIV on its last sortie from Cranfield before being crated up and sent to the USA.
Restoration work on the fuselage of Anson Mk I VH-ASM, ex W2068, has been completed by John Gallagher of Loftus, New South Wales. Work on the mainplanes should be completed by late 1985. VH-ASM was the first aircraft operated by East West Airlines of Tamworth, NSW, Australia.
Newly restored Avro Avian VH-UVX at Bankstown, New South Wales, Australia, on May 27, 1985. The aircraft was about to leave for Melbourne to take part in the film Red Rose - the story of W.N.Lancaster's successful attempt on the England - Cape record in 1933.
Ken Wallis' speed record-holding autogyro, G-BLIK, with his flying replica of the 1910 Wallbro Monoplane - the first aircraft built by a Wallis. The pair were photographed at Swanton Morley on May 16, 1985, 75yr to the day since the original Wallbro's first public appearance.